Live, NonProphet's shows are unpredictable, dynamic, and a source of high energy drawing from the playfulness of lead singer Laurie Haines. Combined with the aggressive styling's of the band the music bleeds the lines between the raw punk sensibilities of bands like The Dead Kennedy's, an alternative rock feel of Juliana Hatfield and power ballads to be likened to Jewel. It is this eclectic mix that gives a fresh listen to catchy melodies that stay ingrained in your head having only heard them once.

Iím going to be different than Brad and write my bio in first person, when else can a single letter be a full blown noun, it doesnít get better than that boys and girls. I was born and raised in West Hollywood and was first exposed to music at age 8 when I took piano lessons for 3 years. Honestly, I didnít like piano lessons and just wanted to take gymnastics instead. So I did, but I wasnít very good at it, I was always afraid to do things without my hands touching the ground. I got over it and moved on through high school and college. I majored in Film at UC Santa Barbara, learned a few things but forgot most. After graduation I still hadnít found my musical roots just yet. I tried a few odd and end jobs in the film biz. That seemed to be a mistake. I hate unpaid internships. I eventually turned my poems into lyrics and collaborated with a friend who added the music. Six months later I released my first demo and later started taking guitar lessons. It was the best thing I ever signed up for.

In 2000 I bought my first guitar and wrote a lot of songs. I was influenced by early Liz Phair, Bad Religion, Live, Grant Lee Buffalo and all those English bands that taught me how to properly annunciate words. I thank you.

Then in 2001 I met my first bandmates through an email that was forwarded to me. We started to play out a lot, which was a lot of fun but then we broke up 9 months later shortly after our CD release. But donít be sad, we reformed and continued to play.

By 2002 and 2003 I started to get more and more involved in the music scene. I co-created and hosted an open mic in Westwood and co-founded Acoustic Live, an acoustic battle of the bands. I as well started recording again during 2003. I love being in the studio. They do amazing things there.

I now have great things to look forward to. NonProphet has finished a 9 song album which everyone will hear soon. Just donít ask me who I sound like, cuz of course itís just that obviousÖ.ME.

Brad Mushet grew up in the OC surfing town of Huntington Beach. Currently he is 23 years old, but hopes to add to that number each and every year. He enjoys writing music, playing music, listening to music, surfing, snowboarding and playing all types of sports. He works in Palmdale as an embedded software engineer. He also enjoys drinking and watching movies. He plays both acoustic and electric guitar, but isnít much good at playing leads. He enjoys covering songs, but has a real passion for writing new tunes using his own unique style. He is currently the rhythm guitarist for NonProphet, the one and only band he has been in (sorry to end my sentence with a preposition). He has been playing music with Laurie since 2000, and they have formed a special musical bond that shines through in each and every performance.

His musical roots began at a young age. By the time he was 3 years old he was already performing at dance parties and Christmas musicals. It wasnít until his first acoustic guitar however, that his talents were truly showcased. At the age of 13, he began learning his first chords and playing his first tunes. After a few years of playing the guitar sporadically, if we can even use that word, he went to UCLA and found himself with more time to practice and write music. His roommate, weíll call him Ken for now, also played acoustic guitar, and they spent many nights playing and jamming with each other. With each passing year, his skills developed and he began looking into playing with other people and forming a band. While he was learning how to develop his own style, there was plenty of musical talent around to borrow from. The Fishermen, Pseudopod and Allrise are a few local bands that helped to mold his style and skills.

Apart from his immediate influences, he began to look at the styles of some of his favorite bands such as Oingo Boingo, John Mayer, Soundgarden, ACDC, U2, INXS, Coldplay, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince and Millencolin. A few years later, Brad would take a trip to Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and Brazil and find bands such as Machine Gun Fellatio, The Superjesus, Pornland, the Tribalistas and Switchkicker who would futher supply him with inspiration and unique styles. The live-performace aspect of gigging had always appealed to Brad, and he vowed to try his best to mimic on stage what was going on in the studio.

After 5 years of playing, he met his first bandmate, Laurie. Together they recruited former members of her band, and continued to move on. They played a few gigs and Brad learned a little something called stage presence (which he is constantly working on improving). The members of the band switched around, and many new faces and old faces came to play. The current lineup of NonProphet is a very complete set of musicians, with only one weakness at lead guitar. We wonít mention any names though. Going on their 3rd year, (Brad took 10 months off to go travel to other countries) NonProphet is bigger and badder than ever. True to his word, Brad continues to give his all to fans and anyone willing to listen. NonProphetís live show is a big part of who they are, and no two shows are alike. Whether itís acoustic, plugged in, big show or small show, youíll feel the energy from the band. He hopes that you have enjoyed reading about him, and wonders why he wrote it in third person.